the attic

"I still believe that peace and plenty and happiness can still be worked out in some way. I am a fool." Kurt Vonnegut

hi im cat. you know where to find me.


woke up, worked out, and now i am awaiting the arrival of my parents. they are coming to Toronto for a visit and guess what’s in the trunk of their car? my new Dyson!

ok let’s not get me started about the vacuum. i am already planning my moves.  my only worry is running out of things to vacuum (stella you better watch it). i wonder if my neighbors are home and if so if their house dusty because if so i can remedy that. 

let me in and i will vacuum you. 

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    You can come vacuum my place. It needs it. Do they allow a Dyson as carry on luggage? I would.
  2. dressesdancingandtv said: OMG I love our Dyson so much!! UGH. What a beautiful thing. Enjoy it!
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